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Transfer Your Images onto Glass, Metal or Wood For Your Decoration Needs

Glass, Wood & Metal Printing in Melbourne

Colourful Image Prints Made transfers images onto glass, metal and wood for your decoration needs!

Based in Melbourne, we print your artwork, photos and graphics onto solid surfaces.

About Image Printing

Colourful Image Prints Made gives you the wonderful opportunity to put your photos and artwork onto durable and solid materials like wood, glass and metal.

Whichever solid material you opt for, our image printing services guarantee stunning, colourful and bright results.

We have an experienced team that can help you with our standard image printing or any custom wall art for your interior decoration needs.

We can help you preserve your memories on a more solid and durable surface. Give us a call for more information!

Incredible and stunning image printing on solid surfaces

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Image Printing on Glass, Metal & Wood Surfaces Melbourne Melbourne Western Suburbs

Our Printing Options

Colourful Image Prints Made has a fully equipped printing workshop that allows us to create what you are looking for. Be it a wedding, birthday or holiday picture, we can transfer it to glass, metal or wood.

We provide high precision digital glass printing solutions for a longer lasting and more vibrant result. As for our wood and metal printing option, it can translate into a wonderful vintage or modern impression if done by our skilled professionals. Our team uses durable ceramic inks for a superior printing product.

We have the finesse and technique to perform digital wood and metal printing images as per your needs.

A skilled and experienced team at your service for any printing requirements

Why Choose Us?

  • photographic quality printing
  • custom image printing
  • skilled team
  • fine art printing
  • personalised services
  • wide range of printing options

Add a unique touch to your picture with our custom printing!

Colourful Image Prints Made

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