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Transfer Your Images onto Glass, Metal or Wood For Your Decoration Needs

Image Printing on Glass, Metal & Wood Surfaces in Melbourne

Colourful Image Prints Made offers image printing on glass, metal and wood surfaces in Melbourne.

Our image printing services guarantee stunning, colourful and bright pictures on whichever solid material you opt for.

Image Printing on Glass

Colourful Image Prints Made can have your favourite photograph or artwork mounted or printed directly onto glass.

Glass prints are a more vibrant and durable method of display. Unlike other framed pictures, it protects your image from the outside air and from harmful ultraviolet rays.

On top of being affordable, glass printing is modern and takes at least 50 years to fade.

An affordable and modern image printing option

Image Printing on Glass, Metal & Wood Surfaces Melbourne Western Suburbs
Image Printing on Glass, Metal & Wood Surfaces  Melbourne,

Metal & Wood Image Printing

Metal and wood image printing are elegant and modern. At Colourful Image Prints Made, we offer full colour image printing on a wide range of surfaces.

Metal panels have a finish that enhances photographic images and shows the lighter areas. Wood printing exhumes a sense of warmth and natural look.

Our team offers both printing options with a frameless appearance. Call us today!

The ultimate image printing for clarity and vibrancy


Our Prints are Available In:

  • various shapes
  • different print thicknesses
  • black and white or colour
  • different sizes

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