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Transfer Your Images onto Glass, Metal or Wood For Your Decoration Needs

Metal Prints – Photos Printed on Metal in Melbourne

Colourful Image Prints Made provides expert image printing on metal in Melbourne.

We provide high precision digital glass printing solutions for a long-lasting and more vibrant result.


Printed Photos on Metal

Image printing on metal is a relatively new art medium whereby infusing dyes are applied onto a specially coated aluminium sheet to replicate an image.

At Colourful Image Prints Made, we provide luminescent metal printing for a more magical look and feel. Trust us to give your pictures more brilliance and vibrancy with our excellent metal printing method.

Giving your photos more luminescence and vibrancy

Metal Prints - Photos Printed on Metal Melbourne Western Suburbs
Metal Prints - Photos Printed on Metal  Melbourne

All Kinds of Metal Print

Colourful Image Prints Made offers different kinds of metal printing according to your needs. Our wide range of creative and modern image printing on metal includes:

  • single metal prints
  • framed metal prints
  • double float metal prints
  • creative or customised edge metal prints
  • exhibit mounts
  • curved metal prints
  • wall clusters and splits

A wide range of options for metal printing


Printed Images can be Used As:

  • wall decoration
  • desktop decoration
  • gifts
  • standing prints
  • wall art

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